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“...An illuminating study for anyone who cares about health equity!”

- Patrick J. Kennedy,

Former Congressman,

Author of A Common Struggle


“...He puts the law into context and powerfully explains what is at stake in the future for health reform.”

- Andrew Young,




Daniel E. Dawes has written a fascinating insider’s perspective on the formation, passage, and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. This is a must-read for anyone interested and concerned with healthcare issues impacting vulnerable, underserved, and marginalized communities. Written from an insider’s perspective, 150 Years of ObamaCare debunks contemporary understandings of health reform, and illuminates the law like never before. 

“...Daniel Dawes brings to life the extraordinary efforts of advocates, lawmakers, and citizens to increase access to quality health care for those who have long been marginalized and excluded...”

- Kathleen Sebelius,

Former Secretary of Health and Human Services



“150 Years of ObamaCare is a masterful and thought-provoking, must read, exploration of health reform past, present, and future”

- Garth Graham, MD, MPH

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Minority Health



“This book tells the little-known and never publicized story about the work of congressional leaders―behind the scenes―to ensure that health equity would be a core goal of this landmark legislation...”

- Donna Christensen, MD

Former Congresswoman


“A timely, definitive and illuminating book on the Affordable Care Act. I urge anyone who cares about effecting positive changes in our health system to read 150 Years of ObamaCare.”

- Regina Benjamin, MD

18th U.S. Surgeon General



“150 Years of ObamaCare provides a riveting account of the behind the scenes look at how the Affordable Care Act was negotiated to ensure that issues impacting vulnerable communities were addressed and prioritized, the current impact of implementation on these groups, and the future challenges and opportunities this law provides. This book should be essential reading for physicians, dentists, nurses, allied health professionals, behavioral health professionals and students interested in these fields.”

- Dr. Edith Mitchell

President, National Medical Association



“150 Years of ObamaCare not only details the history of the incrementalist approach to health reform in this country but also offers a keen perspective on what might lie ahead.... The lessons of 150 Years of Obamacare will help us all better understand future attacks on the ACA and continuing attempts to achieve health equity.... In addition to the vast amount of history one can learn by reading 150 Years of ObamaCare, the book provides a bird's-eye view of both the ACA's passage and the political turmoil that has followed. Readers will appreciate Dawes's insightful descriptions of what it was like behind the scenes during the tortuous process of passing the law.... To help cut through that complexity, all readers, law-trained or not, will find useful Dawes's piece-by-piece explanation of the law's major provisions accompanied by concrete examples designed to illustrate their application."

- Journal of Legal Medicine



“Daniel Dawes provides an impressive, brilliant, evenhanded and deeply convincing narrative on why ObamaCare matters, how it impacts different groups in our society, and what is left to do. This book should be read by everyone interested in health care, politics, health policy, or civil rights.”

- Louis Sullivan, MD

Former Secretary of Health and Human Services and

Author of Breaking Ground: My Life in Medicine



“An engaging and highly instructive book, 150 Years of ObamaCare illuminates the continuing inequities in our health care system as well as the tremendous leadership by advocates and policymakers to overcome health disparities and achieve health equity for all.”

- Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice

President and Dean, Morehouse School of Medicine



“150 Years of ObamaCare is a salient contribution about the newly emerging healthcare paradigm.”

- Martin Hamlette, JD, MHA

CEO, National Medical Association



“A gifted storyteller with an extraordinary perspective.”

- The Florida Bar Journal



Daniel E. Dawes

Attorney Daniel E. Dawes is a nationally recognized leader in the health equity movement and has led numerous efforts to address health policy issues impacting vulnerable, underserved, and marginalized populations. He is a health care attorney and administrator, and serves as the executive director of government affairs and health policy at Morehouse School of Medicine. He is also a lecturer of health law and policy at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute. 

Dawes was instrumental in shaping the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and founded and chaired the largest advocacy group, the National Working Group on Health Disparities and Health Reform, focused on developing comprehensive, inclusive and meaningful legislation to reform the health care system and address the disparities in health care and health status among racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, women, children, LGBT individuals, and other vulnerable groups in the United States. He is the co-founder of the Health Equity Leadership and Exchange Network (HELEN), which is a national network of health equity champions in virtually every state and territory. 

Dawes often lectures and presents on health law and policy while serving simultaneously on several boards, commissions, and councils focused on health equity and health reform. He is an advisor to international, national, regional, state and municipal policymakers, as well as think tanks, associations, foundations, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

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